The ‘Save Northgate Task Force’ Works on a Plan to Buyout Northgate Owners

February, 1987

In 1987, With support from the city and the state, Northgate tenants and the Save Northgate Task Force embarked on a two-year campaign to acquire Northgate and preserve its affordability. The Save Northgate Task Force — formed thanks to an Aldermanic (now known as The City Council) Resolution to preserve Northgate’s affordability — included representatives of local churches and businesses, the public and tenant advocates.  

The Task Force work was to connect with the residents and, through deep grassroots organizing, build support for the project among Northgate’s owners, HUD, the Vermont Congressional delegation, and within the Tenants Association. The Task Force also tackled the nuts and bolts of making a purchase happen: legal research, property appraisal, forming a nonprofit, and securing major funding.  In early 1988 the Task Force hired a full-time Development Coordinator, and negotiations to purchase Northgate began that fall.

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