Success! The Tenants and City Create a Nonprofit Ownership Structure – Tenants Become Residents.

December, 1989

The “Save Northgate” campaign,started in 1986 when tenants faced the very real threat of displacement or doubled rents, culminated in a historic success.   The tenants’ survey and grassroots organizing raised awareness and public support. Policy makers, city officials, residents, and community members grappled with how to protect this crucial resource. For the next two years the City of Burlington made Northgate’s preservation a top priority, and CEDO led the efforts to save Northgate through local and state-level action, tenant organizing, and public education. The campaign sought to make Northgate permanently affordable, avoid any resident displacement, and enable a major rehabilitation to cut the energy and maintenance costs.  Resident participation side by side with staunch municipal support and advocacy ensured that the Save Northgate effort succeeded, providing a model for communities nationwide. The Tenants become residents of their homes.

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