Save Northgate Political Effects: Northgate’s Campaign Inspires Statewide Advances

June, 1987

Northgate was again in the spotlight when the legislature created the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB) in 1987, in response to development pressure on affordable housing, agriculture, and natural lands across Vermont. Gus Seelig, VHCB’s founding director, emphasizes that VHCB was formed with Northgate’s peril in mind and that VHCB recognized that resident participation was key to the success of the Save Northgate effort. Northgate received VHCB’s first loan, and its example underscored the principle that public dollars must continue to ensure long-term benefits to the public. Because of the experience at Northgate, today, VHCB funds require a commitment to permanent affordability.  This investment has served the state well. Northgate is a national model of success.

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