Save Northgate Political Effects: A City Ordinance Protects Affordable Rentals

March, 1987

Through the efforts of Northgate residents with the Save Northgate Task Force, the Sanders’ administration, the Progressive Coalition, and Allen Gear a key Republican Ward 4 alderman, the then Board of Aldermen – today known as the City Council – passed an ordinance to restrict condo conversions.  The CEDO/NGTA survey results had shown the aldermen and that Northgate families would have nowhere to go should these apartments become market-rate condos. The ordinance made it very difficult for a developer in Burlington to convert existing affordable housing to more expensive condominiums and placed powerful anti-displacement restrictions on properties like Northgate to preserve them for lower- and middle-income people. The new law, still in effect today in 2019, directly assisted the Save Northgate effort as well as protecting the affordability of other rental housing in Burlington.

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