Northgate Tenants Surveyed The City Learns Who Lives Here

January, 1987

In January 1987 members of the Save Northgate Task Force went door to door, delivering the Northgate Tenants Survey with a personal explanation to every household.  Eighty-five percent of the residents completed the surveys — an unheard-of rate! The results knocked down stereotypes about Northgate, showing that the residents were engaged and deeply invested in their homes and the neighborhood.  Importantly, the surveys showed residents were primarily low-income working families, many with young children, who depended on the affordable rents for their economic stability. The Northgate Task Force outreach and results galvanized residents and the city to see the risk they all faced and the need to band together. With the help of community and municipal advocates, the people of Northgate decided to organize again, this time to save their homes.

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